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Hulu Apk is a free streaming service application, which allows you to stream, watch and enjoy a vast library of movies, tv shows, serials, animes, originals, and a lot more other media through your android smartphones. It was founded in 2007 and now it has more than 20 million subscribers.

Hulu is a very popular app and a potential competitor to NetFlix.It was developed in association with Walt Disney and Comcast. It has features similar to Spectrum Tv and Directv. And today we are going to explore the insights of this amazing app. The Hulu app download link can be found in the download section below. 

What is Hulu + Live Tv service?

Hulu + Live Tv is the newest service introduced by Hulu. It is a 45$ per month with ads and 51$ per month ad-free streaming service, which allows the users to watch or stream certain tv channels included within the service. It includes more than 60+ live tv channels and services. It recently added Discovery Channel, TLC, Investigation Discovery, Motor Trend and other channels too.

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Features of Hulu Stream Tv and Movies App:

The Hulu app got a lot of outstanding features, which separates Hulu from other streaming applications available all over the net. And these features are:

  • This app offers a vast library of movies and tv shows, serials, live sports, documentary, news, holiday specials, originals, animes and other web-series too. 
  • It is usually very cheaper than Netflix and other streaming services like amazon prime and others. 
  • It offers 50+ live tv cable channels and multiple profiles support up to 6 different profiles. 
  • It is available in more than 20+ languages including English, Spanish, Francis, Portuguese, Turkish, Deutsch and many more other. 
  • You can watch movies and shows on Hulu in many languages (dual audios) and also the subtitles are available in different languages too. 
  • You can watch and download movies and shows on Hulu in different definitions like 360p to 1080p and in subtitles too. 
  • Hulu has its own tv series called the Hulu Originals, which are quite popular the same as the Netflix originals. 
  • It immediately adds an episode a day after it is aired on Tv, thus gives you quick access to your favorite show and all of its episodes. 
  • Not only you can stream watch episodes and movies but you can also download and watch it later after some time like an offline mode. 
  • Hulu comes in the Premium version too, known as the Hulu Plus Apk. It offers some ad-free features and paid subscriptions.
  • It provides a user-friendly interface, not much tacky but compatible and attractive. So, you can easily browse through your favorite stuff. 
  • In addition, it is a multi-platform application, available on android, ios and windows OS too. And you can also install it on Xbox too.

Download Hulu Stream Tv and Movies Apk: 

Hulu comes in two different versions, the trial version, and Hulu Premium Apk version. From here you can download Hulu App for Android (trail) for free. And then you can you purchase the subscription of premium version within the app.

Below is a safe and secure, malware-free link for Hulu apk download. It is free of cost. Just click on the download button or the download link given below to begin your downloading.

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How to install Hulu App?

The installation process for Hulu Apk is quite simple and easy as explained below:

1. Before beginning the installation, download the hulu app from the link given in the download section above. 

2. Once the apk file is downloaded, go to settings and make sure that the “Unknown Sources” option from Security is enabled, as it is often disabled by default. 

3. Now go to your file manager or downloads and look for the downloaded apk file. Find and tap on it to begin the installation process. 

4. A blog will appear, scroll down and click “Install”. Wait for a few moments and your Hulu Stream Tv App will be installed.

So this was the installation process for Hulu App. Now you can enjoy watching your favorite movies, tv shows, live sports and a lot more other cool stuff.

What is Hulu Plus or Hulu Premium Apk?

Earlier, the Hulu was a free streaming service with commercials and limited services, absolutely at no cost. But now you have to pay for availing its services. The Free Hulu exits no more. Hulu Plus apk is the newest and far better version of Hulu with paid subscriptions like 6$ per month with ads and 12$ per month plan with no ads (ad-free). This is too much cheaper than the Netflix subscriptions. Isn’t it?

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Hulu App Not Working! 

Sometimes, it happens that the Hulu app fails to open or load data. This is because the Hulu Apk is supported in the United States and Territories only and not in any other countries. 

To solve this problem, you can download any VPN app from google play store and open and set the VPN location at the United States or any other supported countries.  

In case, if you are facing loading or streaming problem, then try switching on/off your data connection or try connecting to a wifi network. If the problem persists, then go to Settings > Apps > Hulu > Clean Cache. 

It will work for sure!

Wrap it Up!

With Hulu Apk installed on your device, you will never miss any of your favorite shows and stuff. It is an amazing app to enjoy favorite shows and movies anytime and anywhere, even though it is quite expensive and heavy. It is proving to be a promising app and a great competitor to Netflix and other media platform apps.

We have already seen its features and installation process above. You can download it for free from the download section above. If you are having any issues or queries related to the app or it’s downloading or installation, then don’t forget to tell us through the comments. If will glad to help you out! 


Is Hulu free?  

Kind of. Because you can download Hulu apk for free from here. But you have to purchase a subscription in order to watch movies and shows. You can always try out the Demo or Trial Version too. 

Do it requires a data connection? 

Yes. Hulu needs a strong data connection or wifi with speed of about 1.5mb (for SD) to 6mb (for about 720p to 1080p) and up to 13mb (for 4k Tv, if you are using Hulu + Live Tv)

Which devices can I use with Hulu? 

You can always use your android smartphones, iPhones or tablets or laptops to enjoy Hulu. But with Hulu + Live tv, you can use Hulu on Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Fire tablets, Google’s Chromecast devices, Mac and PC browsers, select LG and Samsung smart TVs, the Xbox One, Xbox 360, and the Nintendo Switch. 

How much does Hulu subscription costs? 

Hulu subscriptions start with $6 per month with ads and 12$ per month with ad-free viewing. While Hulu + Live Tv costs about $45 per month with ads and a 51$ plan which offers ad-free viewing. It is quite expensive but worth watching. 

Is there any crack version of Hulu App? 

Not so sure! Because Hulu is very strict in the case of privacy policies and security. Even though, there may be a slight chance that you may find any crack version of Hulu.

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