Patents: PSA, Valeo, and Safran, here is the list of the most innovative French companies in 2019

Three years later, the car manufacturer has regained its place as leader of patent applicants, in a classification established by the National Institute of Industrial Property (INPI).

The INPI published, on June 26, the 2019 list of patent applicants, which has become a reference over the years and is enriched each year with new data and new players. Last year, PSA regained the lead, three years after leaving it to Valeo, who is down one place. The aeronautical group Safran retains its third place for the fourth consecutive year. The three companies remain the undisputed leaders of French innovation.

The beautiful 2019 year of aeronautics, but that was before

With 1,183 patent applications published in 2019 (109 more than in 2018), the PSA group resumed its abandoned leadership in 2016 by increasing its number of filings by 10% and reaching its highest level since 2013.

Valeo, for its part, recorded a sharp drop in applications (1,034, 23% less than in 2018), but this is still enough to maintain second place ahead of Safran which, with 871 patent applications published in 2019 (compared to 783 in 2018), confirms its ramp-up year after year.

We note in passing the excellent year of the aeronautical sector, with the Airbus groups (increased from 317 to 351 patent applications and from 8 th to 7 th place) and Thales (increased from 243 to 265 applications and the 10 th to the 8 th spot), who had look great in 2019. It is still unclear what (s) effect (s) of the crisis Covid-19 will have on applications for 2020.

Public research (CEA, CNRS, etc.) remains very effective

And because there are not only large companies in life, the INPI notes that three medium-sized companies (mid-caps, those companies which have between 250 and 4,999 employees and do not exceed 1.5 billion euros in turnover) are among the top 50 patent applicants at INPI in 2019. This is one more than in 2018.

The naval engineering company Yvelines specialized in the design of storage systems and transport of liquefied gas sea Gastransport and Technigaz (TWG), enters the ranking at 31 th place with 58 published patent applications. The Soitec group, which produces semiconductor materials, is 39 th , with 35 requests. The automotive supplier Trier PSI is 50 th on the 2019 ranking, with 27 requests, one month less than last year.

Finally, it should be noted that public research remains as active as 10 research, higher education and state establishments appear in the 2019 list of main applicants. The Commission for Atomic Energy and Alternative Energies (CEA) remains a respectable 4 th with 659 requests (in its average of recent years), while the National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS) has filed 356 new applications in 2019 , which allows it to occupy the 6 th place.

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